Value every purchase

Valuate is the first ecommerce tool that allows consumers and retailers to find a price suiting them both. 

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A new way to shop online

Every person in the economy is unique.
Now the value we pay online can reflect this.

Pricing on your terms

1. Valuate an item and choose what you want to pay
2. Retailers review your price
3. Goods are shipped to your door!

It's not a sale, it's better

We’re all different. What we want, and how much we want it, differs from moment to moment and person to person. We normally all pay the same price.
 Valuate lets you do things differently.

A new wave for shopping

Valuate the world around you.

Customers talking about Valuate

My experience with valuate was amazing. It's so simple to use and I was able to get my earrings at a price that suited me!
Valuate was so easy to use. I was able to lock in a price that suited me. I am looking forward to using it again!
This is game changing. Incredible.